Seaforth - Fathers' day caucus.

I've never heard of Seaforth grooming products. By the looks of the ad, fathers used Seaforth products on the campaign trail to win the love of the fickle pre-teen male electorate, who could vote, apparently.

It is a little known fact that president Eisenhower's landslide 1952 election victory against Adlai Stevenson was won in large part by his devotion to the concerns of boys all over America. Stevenson mistakenly addressed pre-adolescent male issues with reason and even-handedness, having been thrown off the mark by poorly conducted early election polls. Eisenhower easily won the confidence of boys aged 8-12 with his widely embraced "no more girls" policy and strong opinion against slingshot control. After winning the endorsement of Dennis the Menace, Eisenhower's victory was all but assured, and Stevenson was handed a stinging defeat.

This ad features a really great painting by an unnamed artist. It's got that beautiful impressionistic brushwork that I envy so much in the work of Gil Elvgren and Haddon Sundblom. As always right click on it for a larger version.

It reminds me of my days as an adoring boy, greeting my dad at the breakfast table on Fathers' Day, carrying hand-lettered signs smeared with feces, just like in the picture. Great days.


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