Sunbeam Hair Dryer - Heat haze.

Joke #1: "My Sunbeam Beauty Blur system keeps me beautifully out of focus all day long. From a light and breezy two pixels to a romantic seventy-five pixel blur, Sunbeam makes me gorgeously gaussian!"

Joke #2: Sunbeam's Controlled Heat hair dryer dries your hair thoroughly and quickly at any temperature you select, even those hard-to-dry areas where hair is thicker, like the small of your back, or behind your knees...

Joke #3: The extra large cap fits any hair styling, from sensible flips to insanely bulbous up-do's that will baffle generations to come.

Joke #4: "The Lady Sunbeam's controlled heat hair dryer fondles your hair with a gentle flow of air. The head-groping cap assures the most intimate fit while it blows your head to completion.

Joke #5: "With my Lady Saigon Reeducation Cap, I can be rehabilitated into society through the glory of labor and the extinction of American imperialist ideas... all while keeping my hair shining at it's radiant best!"

Joke #6:"What's that dear? Yes, I'll be playing bridge with Judy and Trish this afternoon. You'll be home for dinner, won't you? Yes, I'm making Salmon tonight. What time will you be home? What's that? I'm sorry, honey, I can't hear you. You'll have to speak up. I'm plugged into the Hive Mind. yes, the Travoltas and Cruises say 'good luck' with the presentation today."


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