Quickie Post - Van on the run.

Time is short today, and as we say around the office, any post is better than no post! Enjoy these culturally humiliating pictures of a custom van called Van on the Run, which must have seemed wildly clever to the van's builder. See, he realized, with the help of the popular Paul McCartney song "Band on the Run", that "man and "van" rhyme, resulting in the devilish play on words "van on the run". Whee.

I'd love to have one of these mid-sixties era snub-nosed cabover style vans, but in a stock, unmolested state. This is not that by a long way.

I promise you that, by the time "Van one the Run" met it's ultimate fate, (whatever that was), the shag carpet had been hardened into countless pointy little stalagmites by all the encrusted spermatozoa of it's owner, diluted with up to 6% concentration of other fluids secreted from his many conquests. Let's say it once for the ages, "bleah".

Normal big post tomorrow.


Unknown said...

The van on the run is still alive and running comes to Allegany county fairgrounds in MD every year for the western MD street rod round up on labor day weekend

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