1963 Pontiac Bonneville - Panoramic purdy.

Today we bring you an especially high-resolution two-page ad for a 1963 Pontiac Bonneville. It had the crotch of the magazine running right through the middle of the car, and while I usually don't take the time to paint those out, I did today.
Today's picture has been lovingly scanned and presented to you on the finest acid-free archival-quality jpeg. Pixel dimensions are 3000 x 1984 - two very good years for video games, I might add. Compression is set to 9, so it won't look too crunchy when you have it printed on your children (I don't want you to regret your decision).

The magazine fold also went straight through the "BONNEVILLE" badge on the grille, which was unfortunate. It had to be P-shopped a bit to make it presentable. That was an interesting challenge, so that little adventure is demonstrated below. First, it was a matter of first fixing the horizontal lines in the grille with the clone tool. Then, I had to build a "B" out of some "O" parts. Then, I noticed some ghosting in the horizontal lines from when the sections of the image were pieced together (The P.A.G. Okidata AdequateScan 620 won't fit a whole copy of Collier's all at once. It has to be done in sections and knitted together). So, those should have been fixed first but there were done last.

While not perfect, the badge looks decent enough at final resolution. This is the benefit of scanning at silly high resolution and fixing it at that stage before dropping the resolution down to final size. It helps to hide your tracks.


FIL said...

Nice! I am a fan anytime, but I must say I especially enjoy the tutorials you present now and then. Nice work, as usual.
I did some cloning and borrowing once to create a logo requested by an organization known as 'B.O.I.C' (Brothers Of Integrity & Character.) Want to see? Sure you do:


The logo adaptation was their idea. I guess the film '300' was symbolic of how they viewed themselves. Nice folks. I got a few t-shirts outta the deal. Who needs cash, am I right?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

That's come nice blood lettering, Fil! With a keen business sense like yours, you could one day find yourself the magnate of a huge media empire with an annual gross of zero dollars and zero cents, not that I would know anything about that.

Thanks for reading!


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