Nucoa - Your bride and joy.

A two-fisted meal of history and marital felony now, from our friends at Nucoa. This little girl is serving an older man a snack with an adoring gaze. What is the nature of their relationship? Obviously, they are married.
We've delivered hard-hitting journalism thingies in the past about "oleomargarine", and today's post is also some of that. In your face, Big Butter lobby!

After a hard day in the fields, it's nice to take a load off, read some single-spaced documents, maybe have a bit of a smoke, and enjoy some kind of sandwiches or something, served to you by your newest child bride. Here she comes, smiling so bashfully. Maybe she's hoping she thoroughly mixed the "color wafer" into the white oleomargarine? Her hands are awfully small, but she does her best. You're sure that anything she's prepared for you has been done with love in her heart... the love that only a five year old girl can have for a middle aged man. The world doesn't understand, but it will some day. And until that day, you'll both have Nucoa.

Find Nucoa at your grocer's in town, where the people stare at you funny. Look for the drab blue and yellow package that could easily be a box of paper clips or bullets. You'll know that you're holding the most uniform preparation from the best-staffed and equipped food laboratories in the world. Nucoa understands it's all about control.

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Sue said...

I definitely don't have enough "new churned spread" in my diet. Going to need to look into that. Thank you P.A.G.
(side note...leave your shoes by the door, get up and eat at the table and try to find one more white thing to put on that plate!)

Jim Dillon said...

You had me at "rigidly uniform, under supervision"!!!!!

Ermott said...

In parts of Canada, coloured margarine was illegal. I remember my mother buying margarine that looked like white lard, but which came with a packet of powdered food colouring, that you could mix into the stuff if you wanted to.

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