Trade School Sonnets, by Jane Austen - JSPA4 Solenoid-Pilot Actuated Valve

O, to be in love as a woman.
O, to have a love, as a human.
Am I as a foolish child,
with words that have meaning
lost on my new ears?
Words are wind.
Let me treasure the very air I breathe.
Let me measure and waste not a drop,
not a drop of this air,
so that I may have it.
For I must have it to tell you
of my love.

Let me be like the JSPA4 Solenoid-Pilot Actuated Valve.
Let my media be properly filtered,
for my words must be gentle.
Let my temperature range be monitored,
for high temperature coils are not available.
Let me be rated for continuous duty
at dual Hz operation,
for my heart sings with the vigor
of my love.
Let my inrush current be of twenty-four volts
so that you feel my passion
in your control unit.
Do you ask me of my flow capacity?
My love, you are my heart,
and my sun.
Ask not my flow capacity,
for it is boundless as the sea.
Until we are again together,
I have only words.
Words are wind.
Let me cherish the wind
like the JSPA4 Solenoid-Pilot Actuated Valve.
Also, it has a side-ported base.


Anonymous said...

Oh, to hear again the beauty of the tales of controlling flowing air, inert gas, water or light oil at moderate temperatures! My forged spring expands and contracts at an accelerated rhythmic pace (within tolerance).


Fil said...

There once was a solenoid valve manufacturer from Nantucket... (yadda yadda yadda)... "If my JSPA4 Solenoid-Pilot Actuated Valve was a **** I could **** it."

-Corky Wadsworth Thoreau, III

Nothing more beautiful than poetry.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Good old "Corky Wad", as his friends called him in school.


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