U.S. Naugahyde - Your wife will see you now.

Another decorating idea today, from your non-porus friends at U.S. Naugahyde! They want you to use naugahyde for everything... including wallpaper and doors. And why not? It's all hoseably easy to clean! And it makes every room of your house look like a waiting room at a doctor's office.
I actually like the look of these rooms. Could I live with it every day? Uncertain, but it'd be a nice - if expensive - experiment. They both have the tidy formality of a doctor's office, even ignoring the fact that all surfaces rinse easily free of blood and pools of flop sweat.

By contrast, if you crack open a grocery aisle magazine offering a complete redesign of your house, you'll see everything covered with clutter and fabric curled into bows. Also, you'll see nothing that a guy can use: no tool rooms or slop sinks. Just mountains of beige pillows and cubic meters of foofy stuff piled on top of the curtain rods. I have a feeling that, in the fullness of time, that's how "the look of the 2000's" will be remembered: clutter and lint production. So, this ad looks refreshingly tidy, and it's over forty years old.

Good for commuting, and parks neatly on top of any SUV.
When I was house-hunting, I found a really cool mid-century place that had  a fire place like that one in the bottom picture of today's ad. It didn't have the copper thing, but it was a 3/4 kind of deal built into a wall in the center of the room. However, the house was in a neighborhood that would have had me spending half my income on riot gear, to safely make the dash from my front door to my South African-sourced military vehicle in the driveway.

The seat cushions are all covered with something called "Breathable Naugahyde". Nice try, guys. Since when has any Nauga- product failed to stick to your ass when you stand up? Notice that both of the designers are proudly STANDING in the rooms they created. The Margaret Thatcher lady cleverly had that green couch screwed to the floor so it wouldn't need to  be repositioned every time you got up off of it.

Also, don't miss the door in the bottom picture covered with "U.S. Naugawall". Clearly, these are two products that really caught on, which is why everyone you know is still talking about them. If Naugahyde was so damn breathable, I wonder if Mr. Nauga (the presumed CEO of U.S. Rubber), had a Naugahyde suit custom made for his comfort?

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Steve Miller said...

Floor in that blue room DOES look like they just hosed down the place. But then both rooms look more like sets shot in the studio than actual dwelling spaces.

I do have fondness for the "Danish Modern" chairs, though. Just the chairs. Just the chairs.

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