Bigelow Carpet - How to decorate, please.

The last person you should have design your kitchen is a cook. Likewise, you shouldn't have a mechanic design your garage. Even more likewise, don't have a carpet company decorate your living room. Guess what you'll get. If you said "A room with too many bookcases", you're wrong.
Bigelow Rugs & Carpet reeeeally love carpet. So, if they're hiring a photographer, they want to see lots and lots of carpet in the picture. If they're hiring a set dresser for their ad, they want to see oceans of plush, vibrant, long-wearing carpet.

Cleverly, they made sure the house in the ad looks like your house, to help you understand that this carpet is made to fit in with your lifestyle. They included a dog, to show that the carpet will shrug off pee stains. And they included a boy, to show that the carpet will shrug off pee stains. (At least, you hope it's just pee.)

Bigelow carpet is so soft and color fast, you can even make a mom sweater out of it.

Bigelow knows how important it is to have plenty of room to move around in your living spaces. That's why the ottoman is tucked away under the sideboard - because the room would feel cramped otherwise.

To help you decorate your next home in a more carpet-friendly manner, we have included a diagram of your next living room, based exactly on the living room in this picture. Please do exactly this with your house. You're welcome.

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Michael Leddy said...

Is the painting on the wall from the Franz Kline paint-by-the-numbers kit, or the Robert Motherwell?

(No disrespect to Kline or Motherwell, only to that too-tidy painting.)

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