1967 Yamaha Big Bear 305 - Start something new.

The Japanese were the guys who made motorcycles for "everybody else" who didn't have aspirations of being a dirtbag hoodlum. Well done, there. This Yamaha Big bear 305 wants you to park your dragster and get get ready for some real fun!

The carefree couple in this ad were out for a morning ride in their top fuel front-engine dragster* and saw a lonely little Yamaha Big bear sitting, unridden, by the side of the road.

"Hey, Winston," Trudy said, from her place in Winston's lap. "Look at that lonely little Yamaha big bear sitting, unridden by the side of the road!" Pull over and let's go claim it for ourselves! "Allrighty!" said Winston, now glad that he was wearing a Bobby Brady T-shirt and white jeans instead of something crazy like a fire suit. He'd look an awful goof riding the Yamaha with his girlfriend in sweaty Nomex.

They pulled over, re-packed the drag chute and engaged the parking brake (Safety first!). Then they trotted down the verge and their eyes drank in the sparkling chrome of the Big bear. "Wowee! Thirty and a half horsepower!" Winston said. "Are you sure you're up for this?" "What's the matter?" Trudy leered. "Afraid of a little speed?" "Winston puffed out his chest. "I'm not a-scared of no dumb old speed! Let's fire her up!"

And with that, Trudy and Winston met their Yamaha Big bear 305, their REAL speed demon, and they rode off into the morning of their dreams.

*Can you spot a design problem with these old-style dragsters, with the engine in front of the driver? They were sometimes called "slingshots". Do you see a potential problem with placing the 3000 hp motor, with its many flailing parts and explosion-prone clutch five feet in front of the driver's soft, fluid-filled head at speeds of roughly three hundred miles per hour? Correct! The big motor was hard to see around, making it hard for the driver to judge braking distance in heavy traffic, leading to many unnecessary rear-end fender benders on morning commutes. Well spotted.

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