Gas Maskstravaganza

Alert reader Steve Miller sent us these hilarious pictures from the Future of the New Normal, when everyone will be all casual about wearing gas masks for daily life. See? It's not so bad! Thanks to Steve for finding these very Greedoey pictures! "Koona t'chuta Solo?"

Lance Armstrong was later dishonored and disqualified for not blood doping and not wearing is respirator.

Han and Greedo - the early years.

1940 invention to protect nannies from the hazard of second-hand diaper.

Prototype of the Magic Eight-Baby. Shake it up, peer inside, and let the baby reveal your future. Oddly enough, the future looked very "WAAAAAH!"

Wouldn't it be simpler just to change your diet? BAM! Thank you! That's why I'm the pro.

Extended-wear diapers. Strange they never caught on.

They're not at war. They just live in france.

$1 Gas masks... when you want to survive, but not badly enough to spend TWO dollars.


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