2013 Blackhawk Vintage Classic - Part 1

Yesterday (June 14th), we packed up some staffers from GO! Tower and drove up to Blackhawk Farms in Beloit, Illinois for the 21st annual Vintage Classic. The race is sponsored by the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association, and features old race cars from the pre-war era all the way through The Seventies or so. There was a lot of eye candy in the paddock area and everyone was really friendly. Many many pictures were taken, and most of them deserve to be seen. So, we're scattering them throughout a few days' posts.

The Sausage-shaped cars are generally Group 4 "Formula Vee" cars, with a Volkswagen engine and driveline, but with a purpose-built tube frame chassis and fiberglass body. The really oldey-timey ones with tall wire wheels are Goup 1 - pre-war. The dedicated race cars are probably Group 3 - Sports Racing Cars. My favorite.

By and large, these cars are not crazy powerhouses. They tend to hover around the 80 hp mark. However, they are crazy lightweight, which means you don't need a lot of power to get around the circuit in a hurry.

As usual, click each picture for a big version. There's lots of them. More to come.

I'll try to identify the cars in the pictures but as I'm not an expert, feel free to correct me in the comments. Share and enjoy.

 I think this is a Formula Vee car.
"Titan"? Not sure if that's just the body.

This is an Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite to my eye,
but the badge says "Cobra". I'm confused.

Formula Vee "Caldwell?".

A Lotus 7.

Lotus 7.

Austin-Healey 3000.

Datsun 510.

Sunbeam Alpine.

Lotus 11.


Are those velocity trumpets??? I hope so.

Alpha Romeo.


Anonymous said...

FYI. 96 and 97 green cars, are Formula Fords. The blue 40 is a Formcar Formula Vee.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Thanks for the car identification assist, anon!


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