2013 Blackhawk Vintage Classic - Part 2

More pictures from the vintage sports car race on Fathers' Day weekend at Blackhawk Farms. Click for big version. Please enjoy.

This is a Ferrari P330 replica body on a car that seemed
to be a mix of many things. A million kinds of gorgeous.

Hey! A Volvo P1800! Group 2 vintage Production-based sports cars.

This Volvo sounded  incredible on the track.

Alpha Romeo.

Another Volvo p1800.

A Truimph. Tonight it's oooonnnn the loose!

Not sure, but I like the color.

An MG Midget. It's even smaller in person.

I tried to convince the owner of this car that it was done, and needed
no further work. He laughed and said he wanted to at least add a nose
cone or something. Pfff! Fancy pants!

When driving, you'd be basically straddling the transmission.

This Bugatti is worth something like a million dollars. That's "dollars" with a "D"!

This rolling 401k has cable-actuated drum brakes! Handle with care.

I believe this is French Blue.

I think this is a Group 3 Lola (vintage purpose-built racing car), but I could be wrong.

Group 3 Lola.

A Porsche 911 in Gulf Oil livery, which has been determined to be the coolest
paint scheme for a race car. It's just science, people.

I think it's a  Group 7 Formula 70. The wheels are my favorite - ATS.

Group 4 Formula Vee "monoposto" car - Volkswagen powered race car. The
vintage VW Beetle wheels are a clue.

A very pretty group 4. I love me some green stripes.

Formula Vee's lining up for a practice run.

The suspension can't be as fragile as it looks.

Built in 1997, this is a custom-built reproduction of a Lotus 11, with various
improvements added by the builder. Engine produces 80 hp, but the car
weighs only 900 lbs, with driver.

The gear lever in the above reproduction Lotus 11 is a prosthetic hip.
That is badass.


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