Crosley Appliances - The opiate of the masses.

Another berzerkfully happy ad now from Crosley, to brighten your morning, and possibly give you bad dreams. You're welcome!

"Holy shit, family! It's the new line of 1949 Crosley appliances! If I don't sprint on down to the Crosley dealer right away, ignoring all traffic laws, I'll kill myself! When I arrive, I will demand to be sold the entire line of Crosley products! I cannot believe how happy I am!

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Come, family! Let us gather in the driveway and have an unreasonably happy Crosley parade! Make no mention of Grandmother's hip! She must also march in the parade! My life without Crosley is a hollow, filthy lie!  Everyone must know how wonderful Crosley is! Sing! Sing of Crosley! Sing or I will destroy you myself!

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Steve Miller said...

Note to mention you could drive your Crosley auto down to the store to shop* for you new Crosley home products. Then, in certain markets, you could return home to watch a Crosley television station while listening to a Crosley radio station.

*I said shop; I didn't say it would fit in the car to get it home. If it was much bigger than the "Playtime" radio... just pay the delivery charge.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Right you are Steve. I'm reminded of our previous hard-hitting expose' on Crosley's near-monopoly on the middle American everything-that-you-need-that's-bigger-than-a-poodle market. We blew the lid off of the pervasive Crosley brand.



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