World's Fair Week - AMF Monorail, Monorail, Monoraaaaail!

World's Fair Week continues with a quick stop at the '64 World's Fair in New York. The best place to get a good overview of the park was the AMF monorail. Monorails were space-age technology that's bound to really catch on any decade now. Just keep your monofinger crossed!

You may know AMF from their many years making equipment for bowling alleys. Their flexibility in engineering and design shows in this rendering of the monorail station, which looks an awful lot exactly like a giant ball return for humans. Can't get enough of those crazy boomerang  shapes and vertical stripes, can you?

So what's there now? Not bloody much. The monorail station was located at A8 on the World's Fair map, which is now a triangle formed by two branches of Meadow Drive and Meadow Lake Trail. Sometimes life just completely fails to be interesting.

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There's nothing on Earth like a genuine bon-a-fide electrified six-car monorail. Here's Phil Hartmen as Lyle Lanley selling a monorail to Springfield.

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