World's Fair Week - Pavilion of American Interiors.

Today we're at the '64 World's Fair again to see the Pavilion of American Interiors. Ooo! Such a Googie building! What goes on in there? Uuuh, not much, I'm afraid. Mostly, it was a showroom of stuff you could buy to decorate your home. The husbands must have gone to the International Beer Pavilion while the wives swooned about in here.

Well, not everything at the Fair can be exciting. Maybe they had some nutty furniture on display? Maybe? Please?

Well, in '64, they were starting to get over the national obsession with minimalism and space age design. It looks like they were already looking forward to the overall shittiness of The Seventies and its emphasis on clutter and pointless ornamentation.

This looks like my Aunt's living room, and not in a good way.

And now, something for everyone. If you think the Pavilion of American Interiors is simply fab, here's a picture of it under construction. Here's to anticipating a neato expo of kitschy furniture!

And if you think the Pavilion of American Interiors is a pathetic commercial pox on what should be a display of science and technology, here's a picture of the P.A.I. being demolished. Good riddance! Bring on the parking lot of the future!

And then there's whatever the hell this is, which was in that brochure....

Over at NYWF64.com, they have an excerpt from a brochure explaining this photo. Text pasted without permission, for your sanitation:

No? Come to our Moon Room. It is beautiful and strange. A moon dining room floating in cosmic space. (So you can see what a sit-down dinner on the moon would be like!) It is the most heavenly part of the International Silverware Exhibit at the World's Fair.
Here by the light of the moon you will see Vision -- sterling flatware ten light years ahead of its time. Find a silver coffee service you'd fly to the moon for. Water pitchers too ethereal for water. Futuristic design far too advanced to go on the market. (Although our culture is going at such a fast clip -- who knows?)
Another thing about our Moon Room. It lets those scientists know no matter what we'll be eating 20 years from today -- even if it's little blue food pills -- dinner will still be served on gleaming silver platters. By candlelight.

Ugh. A LIGHT YEAR IS NOT A MEASURE OF TIME! IT IS A MEASURE OF DISTANCE YOU WILLFULLY IGNORANT FOPS!! I like the spacey tableware and stuff, but when interior designers try to talk about the future in terms of meal pills and actors on wires, a column of puke slowly rises to the top of my throat. I'm leaving. Look for me in the International Beer Pavilion.

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Steve Miller said...

Excuse me, please -- could you direct to the Chung King pavilion?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

It's next to the Chicken of the Sea Aquarium, just past Sorry Charlie's Tuna Shake Hut.

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