Hey, it's another monoraaaaiiiil! I know what you're thinking. "Was this mono-rail part of the Social Disease Pavilion, and was there a Herpes Simplexrail and a Gonorrhail?" Nope and nope. It was just a way to tour the fair from the air.

Unlike the one from the '64 New York Exposition, the Seattle monorail rode on top of the central rail, and not underneath it. It's less futurey that way, but guess what? It's still frikkin' running! Yep! Seattle uses the monorail to - hold on to your seats - help people get around! Good job, Seattle!

"Mister President, either let go of your penis or we'll have to ask you to leave the Gonnorhail."

Mystery Science Theater was, in my opinion, at their best when they were riffing on shorts. The density of material in a short film means there's a joke every couple of seconds. Please enjoy the MST3K version of Century 21 Calling, a promotional film from Bell Telephone. I know I will. Look for the U.S. Science Pavilion, which we featured in Monday's post.


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