Kuljian Engineering & Construction - Rectangles? Damn near killedtangles!

Okay, who likes Art Deco? If your hand shot straight up in the air and you shouted "Oooo, Me me me! Pick me! Pleeeeease!", then point your eyes downward a few inches. If you said "Humph! Of all the nonsense! How perfectly absurd!" and then wiped your monocle with a hanky, you may want to go look at something else, like maybe a french curve.

You can get your daily dose of vitamin deco right here by staring at this ad for the Kuljian Corporation, guys who build power plants and stuff all over the place. Guys with short sleeves and ties. The illustration in this ad sure is purdy, all clean angles and stark air-brushedness.

Yep, the old KC is still around, too, but they have a few more locations than they did back in '49 (Washington, St. Petersburg, Philadelphia, Calcutta). Now they've got offices (very smartly) in places like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia - places where everybody over the age of five is an oil baron with their own headquarters to build.

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Steve Miller said...

Ah, the future -- where everything was square and easy to clean. And the roadway's never needed repair.

Where IS my jet pack?

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