Sportsmanlinke Driving, Pt 1b - Your vision.

Your Driver's Vision:
As you grow into a mature capable, American driver, you will gradually learn to use your eyes for looking. Looking is the key emotion of a car driver, closely followed by the emotions of seeing, and of steering.

But not all Americans are blessed by with good vision. Some motorists have poor vision. Behold the difference.

In Fig. 11A, we see the road as it was meant to be seen - clear and sharp. In Fig. 11B, we can barely see anything at all. Are those auto-cars? Are they hippopottamuses? Was that a DeShoto that just pulled in front of you, or was it a Studebunker? You can't even tell if a car is grey, silver, black, or merely off-white. In addition, people with poor vision have extra film grain. If you can see no difference between the two pictures, it is likely that you have "poor vision". If this is the case, please acquire a copy of the large print version of this book. It has a foreward by Quincy Magoo, in which you will learn proper technique for "wildly sawing the wheel back and forth" and shouting "road hog!" These are essential skills for a long and hilarious career as a legally blind motorist.

Please use this chart to assess your visual acuity.

If you can read these letters, you will recognize the name "Ocypf Dzenr", the famous Serbian grand Prix champion, a man whose name is most accurately pronounced while stifling a sneeze.


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