The Stateroom

Joke #1 - Yes, a new life awaits you in the off-world colonies.

Joke #2 - "Alien replicants? Ha ha! Don't be silly. I was about to ask you the same thi-. Wait........ Xabdor?"

Joke #3 - Allen and Peggy sat quietly as Doreen began to read them all a bedtime story from the Sears catalog. They could tell from where she opened it that tonight's story would be about garden stuff.

Joke #4 - "Ladies and gentlemen, my wife will now do that sexy trick where she crosses and uncrosses her legs. Those of you in the first two rows may want to look under your seats and put on your rain ponchos now."

Joke #5 - To make your trip as comfortable and cozy as possible, the staterooms on all Amtrak trains are upholstered with soft, warm, nearly hairless human flesh.

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Anonymous said...

Joke #6 - Allen noticed that they must have traveled to the land of "Terrible Knee Perspective" and quickly stood up to finish his cigarette. "I'll not have my knees erased or miss-crossed!" he thought. Maybe I'll duck into the hall, Doreen looks like she's about to let one fly"


Steve Miller said...

#1 was perfection.

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