Child Seatbelt - Be safe in '67!

This totally safe and non-improvable child seatbelt was a great leap ahead, back in 1967. It was better than, say, just carrying your kid around lying on the dash, for example. Also notice that the extra-high child seat gives your special little one a clear shot at the windshield for that super clean "nothing but net" exit from the vehicle in the event of a crash.


Anonymous said...

Mom's arm jerking out and smacking us across the chests while she slammed on the brakes worked well for my family throughout the 70s. Thank goodness cars were large enough that several of us kids could sit across the front bench seat while the baby slept soundly and unrestrained in a car crib placed in the back seat.

I only had one sibling ever fall out of a moving car. She turned out alright.

Jim D. said...

Baby Buckette? More like Dumpy Marmosette.

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