The Country Gentleman Girls' Club

Huzzah to all of our farming readers, you who surely regard yourselves as Country Gentlemen! Our Fair Publication serves you well as a touch-stone for all Farming Concerns and also Animal Husbandry, but what of your daughters? What may she find within Our Pages to bring delight to her Youthful years? Ahy, the Country Gentleman Girls' Club, of course! Hasten to join with all speed! Allow us to address your daughters, for a moment....

Girls, you can be the Proud Owner of a Lovely Frock or a Jazzy Banjo Uke, Possibly both! "How can I possibly own two things?" you ask? Never mind! Simply join today! "What do I need to do to earn Such Prizes?" Don't ask questions! Just join! You'll be ever so glad of the day you did, for you might own a Lovely Frock or a Jazzy Banjo Uke for playing The Devil's Music!


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