Arrow Shirts - Only sometimes ignoring your wife!

As you may recall from previous posts like this one or this one, Arrow shirts has a rich history of suggesting you ignore your wife on vacation. Good news, everyone! There's an Arrow ad from 1961 where our hero is only partailly ignoring his wife!

This time, our very chinful protagonist and his wife who deserves better are on holiday in Europe... again. Whether you're staring deep into her big brown eyes while struggling to finish your "chocolate pimple with sprig" while a choir of questionably joyous boys sings you to your rest, or just knocking around the hinterland with a couple of matching sweaters, Arrow has you looking very polyester.

There's no way to know how many shots they took during the dessert shoot, but it looks like they should have brought a couple more rolls of film. This was the best take? This kid, for example, looks like he knows what the dessert is really made of. Or, maybe he's just tired of singing "Inna Godda Velveeta" over and over again.

The ginger kid seems clearly worried about the spread of girl germs. This will not serve him well when he goes to dead Poets Society School. He's got some learnin' to learn. Mrs. Arrow Shirt guy is a bit of all right!

"What'll it be, sweetie? The merlot or the cleavage? ...I mean boobs!
...I mean should we get a jugs of wine? ...I mean jug of boobs?
...I mean to say that we should both enjoy some wine, because we
are both adultery! ... errr... uuh...I mean... TITS!"
"Honey, I'm over here. For now. The guy from the vaseline Hair

Tonic ad gave me his room key. Maybe I'll let him score this
afternoon? Hello?"

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Anonymous said...

really Phil-A-G? nothing to say about the pig head (aspic? dungeon mask?) offered by Cleavage Lady?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Jeez, is THAT what that is? I thoughgt it was a decoration of some kind. What it looks like is a huge radish carved into a holiday Disembodied Pig Head. Romantic!



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