Pall Mall - Orange you stretching the point?

Big news, Citizens! In 1961, Pall Mall cigarettes found that the secret to good flavor was designing a cigarette without a filter. Thus, the smoke would taste exactly like an orange.

The American Tobacco Company is not directly making the claim. They don't say anywhere in the ad that Pall Malls taste like oranges. They only say they taste good, and that is completely subjective and, therefore, legally unassailable.

But, by placing an illustration of an orange behind the cigarette pack, they invite you to make the connection between their cigarettes and the delightful experience of eating an orange. They would be thrilled if you assumed that Pall Malls taste like oranges.

Dad smoked, insuring that everything I owned smelled like a three-alarm diaper fire, thereby insuring that I will never smoke. Somehow, I still manage to enjoy a nice orange pretty often, probably because he didn't smoke Pall Malls. Small miracles.


Mat Black said...

You can light either end! Is that GOOD GOOD GOOD?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Or, if you're really thinking, you'll light both ends and suck off the middle, through a hole you poke in the paper. That's double good good good.


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