Little Ads - Necessities are necessary.

Household necessity. All houses require Naughty Nellie cast iron object, or suffer fate of life without cast iron Naught Nellie necessity.

Precision transistor radio built right into handsome two-tone black cordovan sunglasses. Observers will never know you aren't wearing ordinary gigantic cordovan sunglasses. Customers are recommended not to confuse their precision transistor radio gigantic cordovan glasses with all their other non-transistor radio gigantic cordovan glasses.

This product not approved for use in treatment of halftone pattern.

Jewel-like nickel plaque is ideal gift for motorist with snooting pretentions. Jewel-like nickel plaque instantly ensnootens any motor vehicle. Official-looking text resembles that of plaques distributed by official snooty ratings board. Self-adhesive plaque can be easily removed to desnoot vehicle, return it to OEM snoot level.


CEMaine said...

Nelli had some pretty well developed necessities.

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