Christmas Stamps 1975 - For your completely normal family.

Hey, citizens! Who likes stamps for Christmas? Correct! I didn't think so! Let's check in with our favorite decade with a collection of restraining orders to see what's hot for Christmas. You're on, The Seventies!

Stamps capture your imagination like nothing else! Yes, they capture it and lock it in a cold, tiny cell where you can't find it. Give stamps this Christmas to your completely normal family.

Such family members as...

Charlie Bucket's disembodied head, perched in an open space helmet, exposed to the hard vacuum of space!
Paul Lynde offering a pot to his elderly children, possibly to lessen the symptoms of their progeria disease.

And of course, your daughter, who, in the flower of her womanhood, is completely safe in the custody of clowns. You'd better get her something special this year. She likes music, right?

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Michelle_Randy said...

"Give your children a very special Christmas gift this year..." Yeah, nightmares for the rest of the year. Thanks, Dad!

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