Reddi-wip - Yes, Virginia, this is a real ad.

"'Hurrah for Reddi-wip!' Say Millions of Holiday Hostesses". Mmmmm... Yeah, baby.

Who can resist the allure of aerosol sugar spray? Who can say no to such a hostess? Such enthusiasm. So creamy and sweet. Such a grip. She's obviously used Reddi-wip before. This isn't her first party. Reddi-wip, baby. I think I'm gonna get some.

Clicking it only makes it bigger.


Jim D said...

This isn't a family site, is it?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

What? How dare you. How do you think families get started?


Michelle_Randy said...

Dang, she looks like she's ready to stab someone with that candy cane! "It rubs the Reddi-Whip on it's body" a la Buffalo Bill.....yikes!!

Unknown said...

That woman is definitely getting ready to cover someone in reddi-whip and cram that candy cane somewhere (un)pleasant

[lrf] said...

Joan Crawford on whippits insists that you try her meatloaf with walnuts and Reddi-wip.

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